Wikipedia Project Report

Internet Meme Summary, Analysis, and Critique The Internet Meme article focuses on defining what a ‘meme’ is and how they’re spread on the internet and on social media platforms. The article describes the evolution of memes, citing their beginnings as images with a text overlay, to how the category now includes GIFs, challenges, and other... Continue Reading →

Participatory Culture Report

The culture that @onlyincbus has provided to our group serves as a participatory culture. On the topic of participatory culture, Jenkins mentions that the culture is comprised of skills and information getting passed from someone who “knows a little more to someone who knows a little less”. The social media account is designed to share... Continue Reading →

Peters Response

Benjamin Peters explores the potential to rework and emphasize the history of new media by merging new media studies and media history literature together. He argues that new media needs to be understood as media with uncertain uses rather than emerging media. Much of today’s ‘new media’ is already developed and integrated into society which... Continue Reading →

Bruns Response

Bruns’ “Wikipedia: Representations of Knowledge” explores the implications of public participation in journalism and in Wikipedia, specifically. Trends in consumer produsage make a significant impact on economics and our sense of identity as a whole. Bruns views this emerging ‘knowledge space’ as a new horizon for society.  Exploring the accessibility of  tools and resources that... Continue Reading →

Kamentez Response

Kamentez’s article discusses issues of digital rights that extend far beyond the children of India. Topics such as digital literacy, the responsibility of video game designers, age restrictions on major platforms such as YouTube, and the role of both schools and parents when it comes to raising children in the digital age provide a meaningful... Continue Reading →

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